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Hi Luke,

for some reason, this and your earlier email landed in my mailbox just
today. I guess email got overcrowded due to all season greetings sent

Pure Maps and OSM Scout Server are ported from Sailfish-specific UI to
mainstream Linux with a target of working on L5 , at different platforms
provided on it (PureOS, Plasma, Ubuntu Touch). While Pure Maps is a
user-facing maps/navigation app, OSM Scout Server provides offline data for
others. So, you could ask it for map tiles, search for addresses and
routes. Idea is to use the same databases and the same API across many
apps. On Sailfish, we have 3 apps now using it (one of them is sports app
for example).

As for drawing maps, I cannot praise enough Mapbox GL. Switching to that
map widget, made application fast, responsive, supporting all that you
expect from maps apps on Android and iOS, and programming simple. I am
using Qt bindings of Mapbox GL. There maybe a way to use it Gtk via OpenGL,
but I don't know how.

As for positioning info, we are getting it via geoclue2. Device specific
interaction is expected to be via that, unless you need something that is
not provided by its API. Geoclue2 is supported by Qt 5.12 and should be
well supported by Gnome.



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> Greetings all,
> I was wondering about what sort of mapping apps would be available
> initially for Librem-5. Oddly enough there are not many Linux native
> mapping apps, and I started on starting a Linux repeater app - the howto
> may be useful for anyone else building a map-based app, that supports
> offline map viewing:
> https://howtotrainyourrobot.com/building-an-amateur-radio-app-for-linux-part-1/
> This library makes it pretty easy to make offline mapping apps and let's
> hope there are more Linux-native apps for things like Geocaching and
> routing, so the Linux phones will have more useful mobile apps 🙂 I'll be
> updating this with more howtos and adding to the Github example.
> One thing that will be an obvious question to anyone working on a mapping
> app, is how will I see where I am? and what libraries will be usable to see
> your exact position? I know there are example codes but they generally seem
> to be based on some specific or proprietary chip. What will the Librem
> phone be using to get GPS location, and can I get an example code to
> integrate it into my app?
> Happy new year all
> Luke
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