[Librem-5-dev] Latest working image?

David Boddie david.boddie at puri.sm
Mon Sep 30 08:49:49 PDT 2019

On Sun Sep 29 22:19:33 PDT 2019, Luke Bryan wrote:

> I was wanting to try out a newer build of Librem phone now the newest build
> is finally rolling out, and perhaps get to reworking some open source desktop
> applications to work appropriately on a phone device, for this Hacktoberfest.
> I had the Librem image previously working, and I just downloaded from
> https://arm01.puri.sm/job/Images/job/Image%20Build/2191/ and started it up,
> but the x86_64 qcow image was booting up, starting Linux in text mode, and
> then just showing a black screen in the emulator. Is this still the
> appropriate area to grab images to get the latest Librem 5 OS?

Yes, this image should work. I downloaded it and started it in QEmu to test
it and found that, initially, it was stuck at a black screen. However, it
eventually showed the lock screen - it may take a minute or so.

The instructions for running the image should work reasonably, but the amount
of memory allocated to the emulator could be increased to 2G or 3G (as much as
the phone itself):


I'll update the documentation to reflect this. Let me know if you still have
issue with it.

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