[Librem-5-dev] Flutter support for Librem? Also, what is the recommended way to copy+install?

Luke Bryan Luke32J at msn.com
Sun Oct 13 21:52:30 PDT 2019


I was testing with the emulator the other day and I found one thing that seemed to be missing from the docs - how to actually get your compiled code to the emulator - through ssh, through sharing a folder somehow? or is another way recommended? I was able to test Flutter framework and the desktop apps it makes do run on Librem phone - still needs work though.
I was discussing with a developer of an app I use, how the app might be ported to Linux and Librem, and they are building the latest app in Flutter for multi-platform compatibility.

Do you know if anyone on your team uses Flutter or might contribute to it to improve exporting as a Librem app in the future?
Also can you recommend a less hacky way than ssh/scp as I noted in the article?

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