[Librem-5-dev] applications using native debs

rinigus rinigus.git at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 09:02:28 PDT 2019

> One of the great advantages of using Debian packages (debs) is that it
> can build packages and their dependencies together. In fact, you are
> required to specify package dependencies in various control fields in
> the pacakge metadata so that you can build with the Debian tools on
> actual hardware without a connection to the internet. This is a
> powerful way to keep the supply chain clean, and to create a
> reproducible build. It is a requirement for getting your package into
> Debian proper (and for our CI and repository control system called
> Laniakea).

so far, I used gbp buildpackage together with Cowbuilder. However, I cannot
figure out how I am expected to build a package that would depend on
another package which is not in the distribution. In my case: qml mapboxgl
would depend on mapboxgl, but the latter is also build locally. this is
something that OBS makes rather simple through the use of the repositories
which are served from the build farm directly.

[... PPA -> got it, staying away for now from PPA ]

> > For CI systems, I'm no expert and I've really only used Jenkins. Not
> > sure how difficult it would be to setup a Jenkins server somewhere,
> > but
> > their documentation in general is pretty good:
> >
> > https://jenkins.io/doc/book/installing/
> >
> > However, I wonder if you really need to take this tangent path of
> > setting up and using a personal CI first before plugging it into
> > ours. I
> > think if you just get the debian packaging going, then you can add it
> > to
> > our jobs.
> Our Gitlab instances includes CI "runners" which I believe are set by
> default. Here's an example of what the output of the Gitlab CI job
> runners looks like: https://source.puri.sm/Purism/flossy-gnu/-/jobs
> You can see (if you click on the download cloud icon in the upper
> right) that you can download artifacts. You can produce debs as
> artifacts if you like which might serve you better for the devkit than
> a PPA IMHO since you'll be able to access the resources of this
> community to help you. Personally I'm happy to help and I know my
> colleagues, time permitting, are very helpful as well.

Thank you very much! I am sure that all of you are very busy right now.
>From what I see, this CI doesn't provide repository though and people would
have to get artifacts from the web (and install manually).

> We plan to automate much of this, but we're prioritizing our time at
> the moment so there might not be a lot done towards further automation
> immediately, but in the near future. I hope to keep this list abreast
> of any changes.

In this respect, I will mainly focus on using Flathub right now which has
such fully automatic system available and which should be compatible with

Specific packagine requirements for PureOS are here:
> https://tracker.pureos.net/w/development/packaging_overview/
Thanks, I'll check these and see if I comply with it as well.
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