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Pure Maps and OSM Scout Server are now available at Flathub. Packages are
available for all supported architectures, which should mean that they are
dev-kits ready, assuming that the dev-kits support flatpak.

What works? From the top of my head, most should work with the full
functionality of Pure Maps and OSM Scout Server. This includes online and
offline navigation with voice prompts (English), search, and exploring the

There are few issues to be resolved, though. First, since current Qt uses
geoclue 0.12.99, I have not tuned flatpak for it. As a result, current
location is inaccessible for Pure Maps. With Qt 5.12, geoclue2 support
should arrive and then I can add corresponding permissions to the flatpak
as well.

Second, I have not injected any online services API keys in this package of
Pure Maps. However, interested users can add their own keys after
registration with the corresponding online provider. Keys were not injected
since we are running relatively close to the max number of calls for one of
the main providers already and I didn't want to induce any issues by
expanding number of users. We will have to discuss how to proceed with the
keys in future.

Third, OSM Scout Server is not supporting systemd socket activation in this
format. But it is planned to provide OSM Scout Server as a native package
anyway, so this would be resolved via that.

In sum, as far as I understand, its now a race between Qt 5.12 platform at
Flathub and dev kits - whether you will be able to use Pure Maps for
navigation from day zero or you would have to wait few weeks after
receiving the kit.

As for steps from now, all has to be polished and adjusted, for L5 as well
as other platforms.



On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 9:12 AM rinigus <rinigus.git at gmail.com> wrote:

> While duplication of matrix channel, I am making an announcement over here
> as well.
> New Pure Maps is released - version 1.8.0 - with the first support for
> Linux desktop. For Linux desktop, flatpak package is provided. For
> installation, download .flatpak at
> https://github.com/rinigus/pure-maps/releases; install with flatpak
> install pure-maps.flatpak . Consider it as a preview, now the polishing is
> needed (qtcontrols 2 platform), review of L5 design principles and making a
> new platform according to them. In the pipeline, new navigation UI is
> expected, as suggested by one SFOS user. File issues, as usual, via Github.
> Please note that the desktop version has not been optimized for desktop
> usage. To get from here to L5 version, I would need to know L5 design
> guidlines. Also, I am planning to review and change the main map screen
> during navigation and without it. I am planning to open an issue for
> discussion of the design at Github. This will allow us to join interested
> parties from L5 and SFOS communities in the discussion of that part of GUI.
> At present, Pure Maps works only as online client. As soon as I package
> OSM Scout Server, the offline usage will be available as well. I will,
> eventually, make DEBs too. Before that I am planning to review whether we
> can use Qt-provided MapboxGL widget instead of mine MapboxGL-QML version.
> Cheers,
> Rinigus
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