[Librem-5-dev] Building and testing your own kernel

david.boddie at puri.sm david.boddie at puri.sm
Thu Dec 27 15:18:01 PST 2018

On Thu Dec 27 03:43:39 PST 2018, Dorota Czaplejewicz wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> thank you for doing that work. We're normally building the kernel
> using image-builder [0], and we're currently using .debs for the
> kernel.

Thanks, Andy!

> I feel like this information belongs on some wiki, but we don't
> have one set up yet. I've started putting random useful info on
> my own page [1]. David, do you have any ideas?

I have been using my fork of the documentation for stashing notes
about things:

We could just enable the wiki for the documentation:

Andy, does that sound like it might be a useful place for you to
put stuff? We could use it as a staging area for things that
should end up in the documentation.


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