[Librem5-builds] [arm02] UNSTABLE Builds » debs » deb-carbons-amber-phone-aarch64 #10

arno.bauernoppel at puri.sm arno.bauernoppel at puri.sm
Fri Nov 8 10:51:51 PST 2019

Builds » debs » deb-carbons-amber-phone-aarch64 #10 took 0.74 sec and counting and was unstable.
You can find the build logs attached.
If you need further information e.g. the build environment or other runtime information, please contact:
Build maintainer:     arno.bauernoppel at puri.sm
Build mailing list:   https://lists.community.puri.sm/listinfo/librem5-builds
The build maintainer: bar at baz.de
2019/11/08 10:51:51
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