[Librem-5-announce] [ANNOUNCE] libhandy 0.0.8

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Fri Feb 15 03:48:38 PST 2019

We're happy to announce the release of libhandy 0.0.8:


Here's a list of changes:

libhandy (0.0.8) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Adrien Plazas ]
  * examples: Use the "frame" stylesheet on listboxes.
    This avoids using GtkFrame where it's not relevant and shows the
  * examples: Refactor the Dialer panel.
    This makes it more in line with the other panels.
  * examples: Refactor the Arrows panel.
    This makes it more in line with the other panels.
  * examples: Fix the Lists panel column width.
    We were accidentally using the widths from the Column panel.
  * examples: Fix a typo
  * action-row: Add the row-header style class to the header box.
    This will allow to style the row's header separately.
  * expander-row: Add the expander style class.
    This will allow to style the row's padding appropriately to be used as
    an expander.
  * README.md: Add GNOME Settings and GNOME Web to users
  * meson: Don't install if it's a static subproject
  * title-bar: Drop useless definitions and inclusions.
    These were copy and paste errors.
  * README.md: Add gnome-bluetooth as a user
  * examples: Rename the example program to handy-demo.
    This also renames the type and files to match the new name.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/81
  * meson: Fix the examples option description.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/82
  * expander-row: Animate the arrow rotation.
    Because we can!
  * leaflet: Support RTL languages when unfolded.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/86

  [ Benjamin Berg ]
  * Add -s -noreset to xvfb-run calls.
    Xvfb will close when the last client exists, which may be the cause of
    sporadic test failures. Add -s -noreset to the command line to prevent
    this from happening.
  * combo-row: Fix memory leak
    g_list_model_get_item returns a referenced GObject which needs to be
  * combo-row: Fix memory leak in set_for_enum
  * value-object: Add an object to stuff a GValue into a GListModel.
    This is useful to store arbitrary (but simple) values inside a
  * example: Use value object rather.
    The code was storing strings in labels, just to extract them again.
    Also, the code was leaking the labels as g_list_store_insert does not
    sink the reference of the passed object.
  * tests: Add tests for HdyValueObject
  * action-row: Destroy the contained widget.
    The GtkBox that contains everything is an internal child which must be
    destroyed explicitly.

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * run.in: Set GLADE_MODULE_SEARCH_PATH as well.
    This makes sure we're using the freshly built module when running
    from the source tree.
  * Release libhandy 0.0.8

  [ Pellegrino Prevete ]
  * README: added Daty to example apps
  * build: Force default libdir location for libhandy target on Windows to
    keep MinGW compatibility

  [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]
  * leaflet: Add missing check for moving child window.
    Prevent child window from moving in transitions that don't require it,
    instead just resize it.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/80
  * leaflet: Drop commented out 'under' child transition.
    It's going to be replaced with the actual implementation in the next
  * leaflet: Make 'over' child transition symmetric.
    Implement 'under' child transition animation, use it for 'over' for right
    and down directions, matching 'over' description.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/79
  * leaflet: Add 'under' child transition.
    Use same animations as 'over', but with reversed directions.
    Documentation descriptions by Adrien Plazas.
    Fixes https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/libhandy/issues/84
  * leaflet: Clip bottom child during child transitions.
    Prevents bottom child from being visible through the top one during 'over'
    and 'under' child transitions.

  [ maxice8 ]
  * meson: pass -DHANDY_COMPILATION to GIR compiler.
    Fixes cross compilation of GIR in Void Linux.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release. 

 -- Guido (on behalf of the lbhandy team)
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