[Librem-5-announce] Librem 5 list maintenance

Heather Ellsworth heather.ellsworth at puri.sm
Thu Oct 25 12:29:13 PDT 2018

Hello Everyone,

We are currently planning a migration of these email lists to a
different subdomain domain. The affected email lists are:

* librem-5-dev at lists.puri.sm
* librem-5-announce at lists.puri.sm
* librem-5-users at lists.puri.sm
* all at lists.puri.sm

They will be replaced by:

* librem-5-dev at lists.community.puri.sm
* librem-5-announce at lists.community.puri.sm
* librem-5-users at lists.community.puri.sm
* all at lists.community.puri.sm

The downtime for this migration should be around 2 hours and will start
immediately so please do not use these lists for the next couple of
hours. Afterwords, the archive (from the old lists) will still be
available and you may resume normal operations, but note the new
subdomain name.

Thank you,

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